Recovery Resource – the first stop in your recovery healing journey

Not all treatment plans are alike. Recovery Resource’s on-staff physicians and patient care team located in East Providence, Rhode Island will develop a plan that’s individualized for you.



DAY 1: Initial Visit

DAY 3: Follow-up Visit

            Then Bi-Weekly Visits for up to 4 weeks

WEEK 5: Weekly Maintenance Phase

At your initial visit, you’ll meet with a clinician who will take your addiction history information and talk with you about your treatment services. A doctor on staff will evaluate you and perform a physical exam involving simple blood work and urine screening. The doctor will then administer your first SUBOXONE® treatment using a sublingual film formulation, which simply dissolves under your tongue.

Each subsequent visit, you will be monitored by our Patient Care Team via blood work and urine screens.

Recovery Resource’s staff physicians also recommend and refer supplemental community “wrap around” services available to patients as part of their treatment plans such as mental health, recovery coaches, and other resources. This concierge-level of service and structure to patients is desirable since counseling, medical and mental health and specialty care services can be made available.

Recovery Resource operates on a private pay model (monthly fee) which includes complete physician treatment and all urine/blood drug screening tests. Medications can either be covered 100% by health insurance or private pay (estimated $8 per day).

We offer flexible hours to accommodate evening, early morning and weekend appointments. Treatment is completely confidential and private.